3 Tips for running a successful Enterprise-level Ecommerce

Did you know that there are more than 30 million online stores? However, less than 3% of them are earning considerable profits. Why? Well, Ecommerce isn’t as easy as people expect it to be. While small start-ups find it easy to launch an online store, eventually transitioning into an Enterprise can be tricky. This is where most businesses fail to leave a mark.

Are you at the transition level with your online store? Here are a few tips that will come in handy.

1.    Choose the top Enterprise Ecommerce platform

The first thing you should do during the transition phase is to make an Ecommerce platform comparison and select the best Enterprise Ecommerce platform you can find. At this stage, scalability, user-friendliness, value-adding features and convenience should be the most important to you. Among the various options, Shopify Plus manages to be the best solution in this regard. This platform is highly scalable and does not limit stores regarding the number of products they can have. Its website design can be customized, and it offers support for third-party integration. Do your research about the platform along with other possible options and decide for yourself.

2.    Learn how to handle traffic spikes

When you transition into an Enterprise-level Ecommerce, you will find this your website traffic will be higher than what you are used to. Now, while these spikes signify a greater reach, it also means that your website and server will slow down. This, in turn, can make you lose sales rather than gain them. It is important to understand where the traffic is coming from and gain insights from it to improve your online store. Along with selecting a top enterprise Ecommerce platform, you must also use Enterprise level analytics with it. This helps in creating a heat map.

3.    Make your store integrated with mobile

You need cross-platform integration. There is no way around it. Even if you started off with merely a website store, you must transition into an integrated mobile store when you become an enterprise. Customers of today are mobile shoppers. They use their phones to do it all. You can’t miss this touchpoint to access them. If you do, you will miss out.


Merely having an Enterprise level Ecommerce is not a measure of success. Instead, sustaining this level and bringing in profits is. Use these tips to succeed.

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